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Why choose Webstarts

Mobile Ready

Use our mobile optimization tools to create a great looking mobile version of your website.

Automatic Domain Setup

Create your site, choose a new domain and it automatically begins working in less than a minute.

Search Engine Submission

Upgrade to a paid plan and we’ll submit your site to Google.


Frustrated with the high cost and long wait times of hiring professional designers to maintain my website, I went in search for a do it yourself website builder. I soon realized do-it-yourself website builders didn’t provide the flexibility to create a unique website that reflected my products and services. Stifled by these limitations I set out to create a new way to build websites. A way where everyday people could create unique pages without knowing any code and without the harsh limitations of other website builders.

At WebStarts our vision is to provide everything you need to build and maintain your very own website. Not just any website, but websites that you can quickly edit and change, allowing you to keep your content fresh and original.

How We’re Different
Unlike other website builders WebStarts doesn’t limit your creative ability modifying a few lines of text on the same boring template being used by hundreds of other people on the web. Instead WebStarts gives you the creative freedom to change virtually every element of your page. With WebStarts you can easily upload photos and images from your own computer then place them exactly where you want them to appear on your page. In addition WebStarts doesn’t limit you to just text. You can add audio, video, forms, slideshows, widgets, and just about anything else.

At WebStarts we know if you mean business you’ll want to get your very own domain name (example: YourWebSite.com). Normally this process is tedious, requiring you to search for an available domain name with a registrar then configuring that domain to work with your web hosting, and finally your site. But with WebStarts this process is automatic. You simply click on the add domain icon in your account, choose the domain you want, and the it’s made live on the web in minutes.

Once you’ve designed your website, we know you’ll want to get found. For most of us that means we want to show up high in the search engine rankings when people perform searches for keywords and phrases that have to do with our site. WebStarts is the first website builder to be designed with this specifically in mind and provides you with the tools you need to obtain top these results.



Visit the WebStarts Knowledge Base to contact our support team here: help.webstarts.com

We give you a completely free website because we know when you see how easy it is to build powerful, professional looking websites with our tools you’ll want to upgrade your site to unlock even more premium features. Get started building your very own free website at www.WebStarts.com.

In short, you get everything you need to have a professional presence online. You can see a complete list by clicking here to view our pricing page.

The total cost for a Pro Plus Plan is $14 per month but we do require you to pay 12 months in advance. If we charged your card $14 each month, we’d lose money to credit card company fees and would not be able to charge such an affordable price for our product.

No. WebStarts doesn’t charge any hidden costs or fees.