Ucraft review

Why choose Ucraft

Drag & Drop

An intuitive website builder for non-coders.

Free Hosting

Fast and secure websites hosted on Google Cloud.

Affordable Pricing

Tailored fit pricing for small and medium-sized brands.


Ucraft is a tech company founded in 2014 by a group of design enthusiasts. We are trusted by 360.000 active users from all over the world.

Our objective is to develop easy-to-use web tools for everyone to start, promote and maintain their online businesses and brands. We believe that you don’t need coding or design skills to have a strong and beautiful online presence. Now, you need a website, more than ever.

We started with a simple idea to help small businesses on their templates choice. And that’s how the Bang2Joom, Joomla powerhouse, was established.
By joining our templates club, members got exclusive access to professional templates.

But we wanted to do more and expand our reach.
Focused on delivering powerful tool and responsive web design, Bang2Joom grew into the all-in-one platform.
A year later we received an investment from SoftConstruct and already in 2014, Ucraft was officially launched.

And we kept going..
Back in June, 2016, Ucraft rolled out the White Label website builder.
It offers a solution for everyone looking to start their own website builder business. If you are a design agency, reseller or a startup, this solution gives you the opportunity to turn your passion for website building into a profitable business.



If you’re a start-up, or need a personal website, the answer is very. You can start off on the free plan and upgrade as your site grows. For small-to-medium sized businesses, or online stores however, you may find you hit a bit of a ceiling with Ucraft.

Yes – Squarespace prides itself on its stunningly designed templates and quality features. You can think of Squarespace as Ucraft’s older brother. It’s a little pricier, but you are getting a better, more powerful platform that’s better suited to larger sites.