Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Website Builders?

Website builders are simple tools that allow anyone to create their own website without manual coding or graphic design knowledge. In the past, building websites required programmers to write complicated code. In order to build a website you had to be an experienced programmer or hire one. Today everyone can build websites using simple tools and have a website running in minutes. A large number of website building tools allow you to create a professional looking, advanced websites. With these website builders you can build a site to be used as a blog, promote product, service or even run an e-commerce site. To have your site up in the air within minutes most of these tools will offer simple integration to hosing providers.

What are website builder features?

Website builders include all the features you need to build your website: content management systems, hundreds of ready designs in different categories, 24/7 support and more. Usually the builders come with simple drag and drop online interface, however there are some builders that require downloading desktop software. After choosing a template for your site, you can start adding content as text, images, galleries or even videos and style your website as you please. Some builders even have offer multimedia plug ins and apps from leading providers that allow you to easily add to your website features like forms, maps, shopping carts etc. After you chose your template, added text, images and any other content, you can customize your websites design font, colors, layout and more. The simple integration to hosting providers makes it possible to have your site live in minutes. The days of building expensive websites are over!

Why should I try website builders?

In the modern world, every business entity is expected to have its own website. This website can expose to the world the entity’s services, information, articles and any other data that the owner may think is relevant. The most common businesses to use website builders may be Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Online Stores, Personal Blogs, Restaurants and many more. Employing a web programmer is always expensive, this explains the high demand for website builders today.

Website builders offer a quick way to get running online and exposing your assets to the world. It’s time-saving to get to production, saving hundreds of hours on software development processes such as development, QA, product etc, leaving the only responsibility on the content creator and design changes within the chosen templates. In the last years, niche website builders offer great value to non-mainstream sites and services.

How do I choose the best website builder for me?

Choosing a website builder mainly depends on your goal, your capabilities and time you are willing to invest in the new website. If you are looking to build an attractive but simple website or blog you should focus on features like number of templates available, their quality and the simplicity of the editing interface. These features will allow you to create a professional looking website in minutes without dealing with things like code or graphic design.
If you are more technical type with the need for advanced features you should look for builders offering features like redirect services, integration with google analytics, support in scripts, app market etc.

Today you can easily find website builders for all range of requirements. Our comparison table allows you to easily find the right builder for you.

What if I need help with my website builder?

Although website builders are easy-to use applications targeted to the average user, you might need a person to talk and consult. Most of the builders offer video tutorials, detailed manuals and FAQs. Some of them even offer 24/7 email live chat or even phone support.The video tutorials and manuals do the work for most of the time, but if you are encountering a problem that these resource can’t help with, you should make sure that you website builder provider also offers a support. There are a few providers that even have active forums where people share ideas and offer solutions to other members in the forum.